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My fascination with why we behave the way we do and why we think and believe what we do is lifelong. During my school years, psychoanalysis was fashionable, and so “traditional” analytical and behavioural psychology was taught. Outside the classroom however, I observed patients years into analysis and wondered if that really was the best and most effective way to make a change. After receiving a BSc in Educational Communications at university I diverted into journalism, travelling the world for more than a decade as a reporter. When my feet touched the ground again, I carried on in a number of communication roles - management, consultant, lecturer - whilst also keenly studying and investigating a number of mind/body/spirit disciplines: Energy medicine, self-help, spirituality, shamanism, dreams, Reiki, religion, and of course traditional Freudian and Jungian psychology. I attended countless workshops, speeches and seminars led by many of today’s well-known self-help pioneers. But it was when I finally came across hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming that I found what I considered to be a truly effective approach to therapy which makes real differences in people’s lives. I studied hypnotherapy at the LCCH (London College of Clinical Hypnosis) and received Certificate, Diploma (DHyp), and Practitioner Diploma (PDCHyp) qualifications. As well, I have studied NLP to Master Practitioner level with its co-founder Richard Bandler and continue to employ NLP techniques in the therapy room and in my lectures. I am a full and current member of the BSCH (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis). The bulk of my work now is seeing private patients in Barcelona and London and my continued affiliation with the LCCH where I work as a lecturing assistant and tutor to new students of clinical hypnotherapy. As well, I run a number of training seminars primarily based around effective communication and influence. Easily the greatest reward for all this work has been seeing the positive and rapid change in people’s lives and the greater sense of wellbeing people have when they leave my therapy room.

What all those qualification letters mean:

BSc Bachelor of Science, Educational Communications, Ithaca College
DHyp Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH)
PDCHyp Practitioner’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH)
MBSCH Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Full)
MPNLP Master Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming


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